Tree Plantation Day


On 21st March 2024, Our Institute Smt. S. B. Patel Institute of Business Management had organized with the help of NSS Group Tree Plantation day at “Aithor” Location. There are a total of 15 students who have participated in this activity. We planted 10 trees at the location near the temple surroundings, which was a good or appropriate place for planting trees. As we all know, deforestation has increased drastically as population and the need for wood has been increased. If deforestation continues with the same speed, it would be very tough for survival of any life on Earth. To avoid any such circumstances, we need to plant more trees. Trees are helpful in bringing rain and making life possible on Earth.  Trees give us oxygen, nowadays use of natural resources in the form of fuel and burning wood or coal has led to increase in carbon dioxide levels resulting in global warming. Global warming has led to imbalance in seasonal cycles, rain has become irregular sometimes leading to drought situations. So, to avoid droughts and shortage of water, we must plant more trees. So, our group decided to plant some trees in an open area and we have understood the importance of trees in our lives.




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