Study alone doesn’t develop the capabilities of a student. Sports help students to venture out of the classroom environment and expand their physical and mental capabilities. Outdoor games help students avoid lethargic and sedentary lifestyle thus keeping them fit and healthy. Sports events also help academic sessions of offering some diversity of work assignments to students. Thus keeping the above points in consideration Smt. S.B Patel Institute of Business Management, Visnagar conducts sports day every year around the month of February. This year also a two day sports event was organized from 3rd Feb to 5th Feb 2022. The event consisted of a mixture of indoor and outdoor games providing students with a range of options to choose according to their taste and preference. Outdoor games included were Kabaddi, Cricket and Volleyball whereas Chess, Ludo and Carrom constituted indoor games.
Cricket: The teams that took part were BBA Semester-2 Div.-B, BBA Semester-2 Div.-A, BBA Semester-4 and BBA Semester-6. Each match consisted of 8 overs and the final match was of 12 overs. The teams that reached final were BBA Semester 2 Div.-B and BBA Semester-6. BBA Semester-6 outsmarted BBA Semester 2 Div.-B in the finals to win the competition. Kabaddi: Here four teams participated which were BBA Semester-6, BBA Semester-4, BBA Semester-2 Div.-A and BBA Semester-2 Div.-B. The final was played between BBA Semester-2 Div.-B and BBA-Semester-6 in which BBA Semester-2 Div.-B emerged as winner. Volleyball: BBA Semester-6 won the Volleyball tournament defeating BBA Semester-2A in the finals. Carrom: A total of 10 players took part in this. Four games of Carrom were played in total. The winner of this competition was Shubham Joshi of Semester 2. Chess: The winner of the chess competition was Ayush Dhanwani of Semester 2 Div – A. Ludo: A total of 20 students played the game. The winner of this competition was Bhoomika Asnani of Semester 4.







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