Smt. S. B. Patel Institute of Business Management organized an Industrial Visit to Maahi Dairy
Plant in Junagadh for students. This visit happened on 16-March-2022. The total number of
students on this academic trip was 151. Industrial visits are arranged for students so that they
can connect the theoretical knowledge of books with the practical knowledge of the market.
The purpose of this Industrial visit was to make students aware of the business operations of a
company which can help them in future. The journey started on 15-march-2022 evening from
Visnagar. Students reached Junagadh in the morning of 16-march-2022. Students
thoroughly enjoyed the visit and thanked faculties for providing such knowledge based
experience. While returning to Rajkot students visited Bhavnath Temple and Khodaldham
Temple which further enriched their travelling experience. Overall the Industrial visit provided a
very important knowledge to students and was very beneficial to them.







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